PTDC Motel Phandar Valley Gilgit-Baltistan

This motel is located on the Gilgit-Shandur road in a very beautiful and panoramic valley of Gilgit-Baltistan Known as Phandar valley.

The motel is located on a small area of raised ground so providing the visitor to take a view of the whole Phandar Valley in a single glance. Also a lake named, Phandar lake is also situated near the motel which provides a picturesque and breathtaking scene. This motel is most beautiful motel in all the PTDC motels in Gilgit-Baltistn.

Phandar Lake
The motel is equipped with clean and well furnished rooms. In addition, Rent-a-Jeep, Satellite TV, Fax and Curio Shop facilities are available on the premises.
Public transport also operates from Gilgit city to this lake and motel.
Below is the valley of which any visitor can take a view in a glance. The valley is amazing and breath-taking, running a stream from mid of the valley in a zigzag pattern.

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