South Waziristan FATA, Pakistan

South Waziristan is one of the seven agencies of FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas) administered by the Federal Government of Pakistan. It is the largest agency by the area out of the seven agencies covering an area of 6,619 square kilometers. It has two headquarters Wanna as summer and Tank as winter.
The agency borders, KPK to east, Blochistan to south, North Waziristan to north and Afghanistan to west.  

Places to visit in South Waziristan:
The South Wazirsitan is one of the most beautiful areas in Pakistan having Breathtaking and spectacular landscape. But due to security risk in the passed decade, especially after the 9/11, US attack in Afghanistan and US drone attacks in the region since 2004 has caused the death of tourism in the region. But it is hoped that this heaven place would be the home of the tourist again in the upcoming years. The places to visit are:

Wana is the summer headquarters of the Agency. It has a vast plain with extensive valleys surrounded on all sides by hills. 

Others include:
Gomal Zam Dam

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