North Waziristan FATA, Pakistan

North Waziristan is one of the agencies of FATA, Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan. It is the second largest agency by the area, administered by the Federal Government. 
At a distance of 230 km from Peshawar KPK and 310 km from the Islamabad, the North Waziristan Agency was setup in 1895. British took control of this area in 1892. It was in the year, 1910 when North Waziristan Agency was constituted as a full fledged Agency with its headquarters at Miran Shah. The agency lies from 32.35 degrees to 33.22 degrees latitudes and 69.22 degrees to 70.38 degrees longitudes. It is bounded on the north by Afghanistan, Kurram Agency and Hangu District, on the east by Tribal Areas Adjoining Bannu District and Tribal Area Adjoining Karak and Bannu Districts. On the south by South Waziristan Agency, and on the west also by Afghanistan.

Aerial view of Miran Shah Town

Tourist Spots:
The North Waziristan Agency is one of the marvelous mecca of the the Pakistan, possessing a spectacular landscape. There are number of small rivers, number of streams, snow capped mountain ranges and beautiful valleys. But due to US continual drone attacks in the region has scared off the tourist. But it's hoped that soon the region shall be welcoming the tourist again. 
Following are the main tourist spots of the region:

Miran Shah:
Miran Shah is its capital and administratie center of the region. The town lies on the banks of the Tochi River in a wide valley surrounded by the foothills of the Hindu Kush mountains. It is situated approximately 17 km from the Pakistan-Afghanistan border at an elevation of approximately 3,050 ft.
The nearest town in Pakistan is Bannu and the nearest town across the border in Afghanistan is Khost.
Rivers and Streams:
There are five notable rivers: Tochi, Kaitu, Kurram, Khaisor, and Shaktue. Some notable streams are Khoni Aigad, Chashma Aigad, Saidgi Algad, Kanungo Aigad, Sagga Aigad, Tauda China Algad, Damoma Algad, Tarkhobi Algad, Suedar Aigad.

North Waziristan Haider khel (Tochi River)
Tochi River

Razmak Valley:

Tochi Valley
It has almost in the mid and occupies much of the North Waziristan Agency. It is the most fertile part of the Agency. It derives its name from Tochi River which flews across the valley from west to east.  It is bounded on all sides by mountains and hills except the eastern side. It is about 100 km in length and opens up into the Indus valley near Bannu. The cultivable and fertile area which extends to the crests of the hills at both banks of the river, measures about 700 square miles.

Kaitu Valley
It lies south of Kurram valley. Kaitu River drains into Kurram River in the east

Khaisora Valley
This is a narrow stretch of land which lies in the south of North Waziristan along with the Khaisora Algad. It is also spread over a part of South Waziristan.

Kurram Valley.
In the north of the Agency the lower Kurram valley between the Kurram Agency on the upper parts of the agency reaches of the Kurram River and Bannu districts. 

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